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PDX's Stumptown Coffee Invades NYC's Ace Hotel

Tails & Trotters butcher and chef-about-town Morgan Brownlow Facebooks about the New York Times' latest-in-an-endless-series of Portland mash notes that happens to come in the form of a dining brief all about the new Ace Hotel's even newer Stumptown, the coffee bar that'll be providing the post-Breslin pick-me-up. "Oh new york you just love portland oregon don't you," Brownlow says what everyone's thinking. Word according to the Times is that the male model-like baristas pull an "exceptional" espresso that's part of the Third Wave of obsessive coffee purists, also you get called "sir." Word according to Brownlow's FB friends is that it felt just like home except that our Nuvrei pastries are better, also our city.

· A Seductive Cup [New York Times]

18 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10016