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The Plywood Report: Lovely Fifty Fifty

It's time for Plywood, where we look at construction sites so you don't have to. Seen or heard something we've missed? The tipline is always open.


Residents of the North Mississippi hood will add wood-fired pizza to their swelling list of neighborhood amenities when Lovely Hula Hands (LHH) owners/sisters Sarah and Jane Minnick debut Lovely Fifty Fifty in a brand-new mixed-use building adjacent to LHH later this fall. The project is on target for a mid-December delivery, says a friendly mustached construction worker onsite at the Numiss Building. Numiss was the last new project to rise from the North Mississippi dirt before that neighborhood's prolific building boom came to a rusty halt last fall. Despite the downtick, Naples-style wood-fired pizza will do well in the rapidly gentrifying NoPo, where there doesn't exist a single decent Old-World-style pie among the dozens of new eateries.