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Post-Fire Sel Gris to be Closed for Even Longer

On October 20th, fancypants French-inflected Hawthorne restaurant (and Castagna neighbor) Sel Gris--one of the city's most expensive in a town that tends towards frugality--announced, via Facebook, that they'd be closed until October 28th due to damages caused by a neighboring fire. Just now, they've announced that they're actually going to have to stay closed and fixing the place up until mid-to-late November. Which can only mean that things were much worse than they thought, and that we're going to remain $32 "Lamb Two Ways"-free for even longer. Their Twitter, however, promises that "Like the phoenix... we shall rise from the ashes!" Anyone got the scoop on construction/renovation and/or how extensive the damage was? Our fire is always lit.

Sel Gris

1852 SE Hawthorne, Portland, OR 97214