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Saucebox Gets Bike Racks; Classic Wines Announces Chefs

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DOWNTOWN -- Saucebox chef Gregory Gourdet writes in: "Just wanted to let you know that we worked with the City of Portland and got a bike rack lane put up right in front of Saucebox. Coming to Saucebox has never been easier!" For those who still like a little competition with their restaurant-choosing, Gourdet also says that "there should be some bike parking spaces left for guests because we Saucebox employees all bike and take our bikes pretty seriously!" Ah, Portland.

PARK BLOCKS/CONVENTION CENTER -- The chefs for next year's Classic Wines Auction, two of which will be held at the Convention Center and the Portland Art Museum, have just been announced: downtown Nel Centro's David Machado (also of Vindalho and Lauro), Beard winner and incoming Art Institute instructor Cory Schreiber, and alchemist Daniel Mondok of recently temporarily-shuttered French-inflected Hawthorne restaurant Sel Gris.

Nel Centro

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