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Garrett and Hoffman, Together Again (For the First Time Here)

Tonight, Cafe Nell chef Andrew Garrett cooks with a little help from his friend, Jason Hoffman (no, not the Jason Hoffman who manages the Bay Area Chevy's Fresh Mex, but the Jason Hoffman who's allegedly thinking of opening an upscale food cart down in SF). It won't be the first time the two have found themselves behind the same line--they met cooking at San Francisco's Kitchen at 868 Grant. "We are recreating a few dishes we put together at Kitchen for this one-time Chefs' Dinner," Garrett told us. What does that Bay Area-comes-to-Portland plan mean? An early peek at the menu implies dishes like truffled cauliflower soup, pancetta-wrapped elk loin, and a whole bunch of housemade bacon. Saddle up.

Where: 1987 NW Kearney
When: 6:30pm, tonight
Cost: $50
RSVP: 503-295-6487

1987 NW Kearney, Portland OR 97209