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Cart Futures Uncertain, Coleman Restrained

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Welcome to ColemanWatch, a weekly feature in which we parse the particularly florid stylings of the Portland Mercury's resident food critic, Patrick Alan Coleman. Seen a sentence we've missed? Log on to your bright, burning email screen, and wend a grandiloquent email our way.

grape_ape.jpgThis week, Coleman takes on the new Mississippi Marketplace, a covered carts collection that sounds like it'll be rivaling 12th and Hawthorne for late-night winter-appropriate food-from-a-truck supremacy. From the introduction--"It's nearly 2pm on a rainy November afternoon and the smell carried on a sudden wind gust across the intersection of N Mississippi and Skidmore is absolutely incredible," which is basically like being right next door (cart?) to Prost or Sugar Cube, to the middle, which gets all reporty and jazz vis a vis numbers of carts opened this year (91) and number of carts in operation total (461), to the end, which asks whether they can survive the oncoming dark and drizzly months, Coleman's taking a relatively linguistically subdued approach here. Could it be the weather? Or is it a sign of oncoming foment? Either way, nothing cures a case of the concerns like an Amy Winehouse - or seven.
·Winter a la Carts [Portland Mercury]
·Elemental Vodka Round and Toasty, Coleman Less So [Eater PDX]

The Sugar Cube

4250 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR

Mississippi Marketplace

4233 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 Visit Website

N Skidmore St & N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217