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The Plywood Report: Couture

It's time for Plywood, where we look at construction sites so you don't have to. Seen or heard something we've missed? The tipline is always open.


Recession-friendly rent and motivated landlords are doing what city planners never could as downtrodden Old Town is becoming the city's hottest neighborhood for restaurant openings: Yet another eatery will open its doors to the shady "North End" later this winter. Billed an organic/vegetarian cafe just a dumpling's toss from chef hangout/Cantonese noodle house Good Taste and directly across the street from Pok Pok wingman Andy Ricker's Ping, "Couture" on 4th and Couch promises to bring health and wellness to a neighborhood more renowned for dime bags and jello shots.

Though it rates as a rather healthy town, Portland tends to curb-kick health/vegan/raw foodie concepts as in recent years the traditional regional Pacific Northwast affinity for tofu and tempeh has been eclipsed by a rabid fascination with pork parts and paprika. That said, judgment shall be reserved until opening day. By then, hopefully they'll decide on a new name.


26 NW 4th Ave. Portland, OR 97209