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Delayed Violetta Opening, Delayed!

In what is quickly becoming a local saga, Violetta, the new slow fast food place slated for downtown's Director Park with ex-Lucier chef Jeremy Niehuss, right, at the sustainable helm, and which was supposed to open first towards the middle of November and then towards the end, has been once again pushed back. According to an inside track [full disclosure: the author of this post will be pulling mad Caffe Vita espresso come go live], it looks like everything will be up and running the week of December 7. Lest anyone consider Violetta's parent company Distant Sun Restaurants--who used to be behind recently-closed NW restaurant Roux--at fault here, let us all remember the particular vagaries of public parks and civic processes. Word is it's Parks & Recreation and a few construction problems here and there that are behind the hold-up. Word is also that a few sparkly t-shirtted Violetta kids will be handing out cookies and menus for the next couple of Fridays.

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