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Noodles & Co's LonelyHearts Solution

National chain Noodles & Company--with locations in the Pearl District, Hillsboro, Clackamas, and Beaverton--is launching the Lunch Buddy, their latest gift card program, today, and with a twist. Ready? Wait for it. OK. Sit down. Word is the new card is not only personalized with a photo of whoever gave it to you, but, also, "the receiver can then prop up the card on a small easel, provided by Noodles, to have lunch or hang out “together,” even though the giver isn’t physically there." ZOMG. Rounding out the whole Gibson-esque All Tomorrow's Parties-meets-Case-meets-Cayce-Pollard thing, Noodles has also launched a Lunch Buddy support center. Top on our list of stand-ins? Rumored Top Chef participant Micah Camden, birthday girl and sole proprietor Naomi Pomeroy, and the ever-elusive Jeremy Niehuss. Who would you invite/google-image-stalk?
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UPDATE: Micah Camden emails us this statement: "I want to confirm that I am not a contestant on the Top Chef show."

100 NW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97209