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Robert Reynolds Studio Menu, Revealed!

Welcome to a weekly feature in which we tell you what Portland's various supper club-style restaurants are up to so that you can make an informed decision about your weekend, without having to check your email or invite Michael Hebb down from Seattle. Got another menu you'd like to share? Our reservations line is always open.

robert%20reynolds.jpgThis Sunday, Blake van Roekel cooks at former San Francisco chef and current teacher-to-the-stars Robert Reynolds' Sunday Dinners at the Chefs Studio, an eight-week series "devoted to introducing our extended family to the people of Portland." Hosts are former Portland Monthly food critic and butcher extraordinaire Camas Davis, and Mike Thelin. Word is a very few spots remain for this week's event, and must be reserved before 6pm tonight.

What: Sunday Dinner
Where: 2818 SE Pine St
When: November 8th, 6:30pm
Cost: $85 (including wine)
RSVP: camas(dot)davis(at)

Steamed Bun of Quince, Shallot & Pork

Parsnip & Star Anise Soup

Roasted Pear Ginger Duck & Forbidden Rice with Quatre Epices, Wrapped in a Lotus Leaf

Kuri Squash Custard with Chive Garnish

Persimmon Sorbet with Lotus Seed Shortbread Cookie

Robert Reynolds Chefs Studio

2818 SE Pine St, Portland OR 97214