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Welcome to Eater Portland!

At this time, we'd like to extend you a warm welcome to Eater Portland, the very latest in restaurant blogging technology and your new one-stop shop for all things related to dining and drinking in Portland, the greatest dining city in the universe.

The quick back story on Eater: we've been wreaking havoc in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for awhile now, and we recently launched a National edition. Here in Portland, you're going to get obsessive hourly coverage of restaurants, bars, chefs and the assorted other characters who make the business tick. You'll also get the very best of what the rest of the web is serving up, by way of links as far as the eye can see. If it's not on Eater Portland, you don't have to know about it.

How's about we just get going? Your editors, to whom we now turn over the wheel, are Portland's own Eva Hagberg and Michael Benjamin. For this thing to run correctly, though, they're going to need your help. Seen a new restaurant prepping to open? Someone closing up shop for last time? Or heard any juicy restaurant gossip? The tipline,, is open. Have at it. —BL/LS