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The Plywood Report: Genoa

It's time for Plywood, where we look at construction sites so you don't have to. Seen or heard something we've missed? The tipline is always open.


The Southeast Portland storefront that until early summer housed Genoa, Portland's most seminal eatery ever, will reopen as a new restaurant also called Genoa by Turkey day, says the restaurant's publicist.

Genoa-philes: Don't expect the same exact restaurant.

The old Genoa: The fabled Northern Italian eatery was James Beard finalist Cathy Whims' incubator and playpen for dozens of Portland chefs, including Tommy Habetz of Bunk Sandwiches, John Taboada of Navarre, Kevin Gibson of Evoe, Adam Berger of Tabla and Ten 01, Alton Garcia formerly of Savoy and Broder, and Jerry Huisinga of Bar Mingo. With a full renovation to the studs thanks to Works Partnership Architecture and Siteworks, new kitchen gear, new chef David Anderson formerly of Vindalho and Lauro, new owner, and a new wine bar named Accanto adjacent to the dining room, it will be tough to convince Portlanders this is the same establishment. That's not a bad thing either. The old Genoa needed a facelift, and Portland is not a particularly nostalgic place . If the slop is good, they will come. Plus, longtime Genoa owner and manager Kerry Debuse is part of the team leading Genoa 2.0.


2800 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR 97214 Visit Website


2832 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97214