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Lovejoy Bakers to Bring Glassy Loving Joy to Lovejoy?

It's time for Plywood, where we look at construction sites so you don't have to. Seen or heard something we've missed? The tipline is always open.


This Pearl District spot, formerly home to Leonardo's, more formerly Graze, and even more formerly Nina's, will soon become Lovejoy Bakers. Just how soon? An intrepid Eater operative reports: "lots of machinery is now in place with more hardware being rolled in daily; giant floor mixer sitting in the middle of the restaurant; espresso machine is in place (good sign)." Word on the street is this might be a new project from the Pizzicato Pizza folks (got confirmation?), and word is also that splitting this fishbowl space up into distinct small plates/coffee/pastry zones might be the way to finally get this bowl of a location to succeed.





Lovejoy Bakers

939 Northwest 10th Avenue, , OR 97209 (503) 208-3113 Visit Website

Lovejoy Bakers

939 NW 10th Ave, Portland OR, 97209