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Northwest Sweets Open, The Bread On Foster Burger

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NORTHWEST -- Long-anticipated Northwest Sweets finally opened on Northwest 23rd under the care of confectioner Steve Gazda. Early reports include word of some killer toffees, caramels--which come in flavors like "salted" and "red wine" (!)--and a crack-like peppermint bark, all of which Gazda makes in the middle of the store; later reports include a whole bunch of nostalgia trips thanks to Northwest's selection of clove-flavored gums and cigarette-pack candies and those little things that go fizz pop. For the immobile but curious, Under the Table With Jen's got a killer candy-porn slideshow.

HOLLYWOOD -- Over the transom comes a whisper that former Pearl Bakery owner Greg Mistell's Fleur de Lis--who currently keep Bunk in poppyseed rolls--is being considered as a possible supplier to the Mondok/Ricker/Huffman clusterfuck of happiness that will be Southeast's new burger bar, Foster Burger.

Foster Burger

5339 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206 503 775 2077 Visit Website

740 NW 23rd Ave, Portland OR 97210