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Bring Your Microwave To (Bikini-Clad) Work Day

Welcome to Who Knew!?, a semi-regular feature in which Eater trolls local Craiglist ads looking for the weirdest, strangest, what-the-what!? industry openings out there.


·First up, "club demonstration services firm" Triple Point is currently seeking outgoing and professional Brand Ambassadors for an exciting food and wine pairing events at a local retailer. You will be handing out food and wine samples and providing information to consumers on pairing food and wine.”

Sounds reasonable. The catch? For $18 per hour, you'd be driving an hour and half to The Dalles, need to have access to a fax machine (no comment), and... here’s where it gets really weird: you must be able to bring your own microwave.

·“Twin Perks Espresso is looking for part time Baristas to join our great team! We still havent (sic) found that great candidate. You MUST be reliable every shift, responsible, have your own reliable transportation and be willing to do fill in shifts. We are looking for the cream of the crop and best of the best! Friendly, sincere, honest, classy and confident only need apply.” Done, done, and done.

The catch? “We will never be one of those stands you see on the news being cheap and trashy. You will always be clean and classy and will NEVER be wearing less than a bikini covers!” They require a resume and “qualifications” and they also helpfully state: “Pictures are great! Its nice putting a name to a face.” Because there's nothing dudes love more than staring at the faces of bikini-clad baristas.