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Ford's On Fifth Now With More TV-Friendly Name

News along the Max Green Line: Theo's is open for biz. Not so long ago (2003) in a suburb not so far from downtown (Burlingame) lived the legendary Henry Ford's Restaurant and Piano Lounge. Barfly, hipsters and prom dates flocked here for its frozen-in-time retro vibe, red-flocked wallpaper, steak bites, flame-spouting fountain and Lyle Chafee, the lounge pianist with the nimble fingers and the melancholy bravado. After it closed, the name--but not the space--time traveled to the present--and Old Town--and became Ford's on Fifth. But it never recaptured the charm of the original. Now Ford's on Fifth is going by the name of Theo's. You'll still find Ford faves on the menu, like Philly cheese steaks, pastrami, and french dips and burgers including the $11 Heart Stopper with 3 beef patties, 3 slices of bacon, mounds of cheese and a fried egg on top. And it's still open until 4 am on the weekend. No word on whether or not the re-name had anything to do with a certain 1980's television family No. 1 son.
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121 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97209