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Delayed Violetta Opening, Really Delayed!

Things have gotten really hairy for Director Park's Violetta, the Jeremy Niehuss-helmed slow fast food restaurant that was scheduled to open sometime mid-November right across from downtown's Fox Regal. First, there was a delay. Then, there was another delay, caused by an exploding propane tank. And, now, Eater has obtained word of an even more serious delay. Below, the memo sent around to the team [full disclosure: the author of this post was slated to be a member] by Dwayne Beliakoff's Distant Sun restaurants:

Dear Team,

It is with more regret that we are writing you today-- not exactly the holiday news we wanted to share.

We have received more information from the city and unfortunately, the construction will take a little longer than anticipated. At this time we are looking at late February or early March for opening, and until then we have decided to go dark here at the commissary. We want to thank each and every one of you for hanging in there with us through this challenging situation, and come January, we'll have the mini-Violetta Burger truck at the park. We'll reach out to you at that time to see if anyone is interested in staffing the van with us.

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