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One Pot Menu, Semi-Revealed!

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Welcome to a weekly feature in which we tell you what Portland's various supper club-style restaurants are up to so that you can make an informed decision about your weekend, without having to check your email or invite Michael Hebb down from Seattle. Got another menu you'd like to share? Our reservations line is always open.


This week, Supperclub mascot Michael Hebb invites himself down from Seattle to cook another Caffe Vita-presented One Pot at North Portland's Mississippi Studios. The last one ended up a midnight supper at the Woods with grilled lamb courtesy Hebb, music courtesy Nick Jaina (and others), and guests like artist/Modest Mouse album designer Matt Clark and Cacao owners Jesse Manley and Aubrey Lindley; this one will be co-presented along with creative-about-town Matthew Stadler's Publication Studio, and Mississippi Studios, and will be celebrating John Roderick's Twitter-happy Electric Aphorisms book, to songs by... John Roderick.

saw some beautiful little carrots - and some treviso - and so am thinking:

treviso, glazed carrots, local goat cheese, and toasted walnut salad.

and a damn fine shaker beef stew with piles of slutty porterhouse rolls and butter.

dessert = drink whisky.

Price: $30
Time: doors 7pm/dinner 8pm
RSVP: tickets

3939 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97227