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Portland's Top Restaurant Standbys...

Image courtesy Sagebrush

As is the tradition at Eater, it's time for the annual Year in Eater survey. For the Portland version, we asked a group of notable chefs, cooks, and people we know a bunch of questions. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut, pasted and unedited herein. Yesterday, we discovered everyone's Top Newcomers. Now, let's go for the Top Restaurant Standbys.

Tommy Habetz, Bunk Sandwiches: Biwa, Beast, Le Pigeon, King Burrito, Zilla Sake, Clyde Commons, Junior's, Apizza Scholls, Tastebud, Laurelhurst Market, Por Que No?(my son loves Por Que No?), Podnah's....there are really so many delicious places to eat in Portland.

Kimberly & Vitaley Paley, Paley's Place: Patanegra & Nuestra Cocina

Naomi Pomeroy, Beast: Biwa, Pigeon, Pho Oregon

Andrea Slonecker: Apizza Scholls, Carafe, Park Kitchen, Biwa, Clyde Common

Bruce Carey, Bluehour, 23Hoyt, Saucebox: When I leave my world it's: Castagna, Porqué No, DeCarli

Chris Israel, Gruner: Cafe Castagna, Nostrana, Nuestra Cucina, Bluehour, Pok Pok, EVOE

Jamie Dunn, Gilt Club: Javiers Burrito's, Firehouse Pizza, Autentica

Andy Ricker , Pok Pok, Ping: Clyde Common, Victory Bar, HA & VL

Roger Porter, The Oregonian: Castagna, Paley's Place, Pok Pok.

Louisa Neumann: Lovely Hula Hands, Por Que No, Ken's Pizza, Nong's Khao Man Gai

Mike Thelin: Navarre and Nostrana for value that can't be beat in PDX. Bunk for shattering the boundaries of the humble sandwich, and Kenny and Zuke's for inexpensive comfort food five minutes from my house

Bette Sinclair: Yakuza, Bluehour, Gilt Club, Saucebox, Burgerville, Por Que No, Yahala, Bistro Maison/McMinnville