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Xocolatl de David, Random Order, Black Sheep Bakery Save Saturday, Lives

Tomorrow, New Deal Distillery hosts Season's Eatings, a "spirited holiday market event" celebrating the city's "chocolates, cheeses, wines, spirits, and foodstuffs." Better than a farmers' market because it benefits the Oregon Food Bank and is therefore one more strike off your conscience, Season's Eatings is hosting vendors like Little Red Bike Cafe (who've been teasing the event with a peanut butter cookie batter, peanut butter chips, and bacon ingredient list) Alberta pie wizards Random Order, Meat Cheese Bread staple Xocolatl de David, Morgan Brownlow's Tails and Trotters, and Black Sheep Bakery.

Where: 1311 SE 9th Ave
When: Saturday, Dec. 5, 12pm-3pm
Cost: One non-perishable food item

Season's Eatings [Official Site]

1311 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97214