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Louisa Neumann's Meringues On The Pages of Bon Appetit

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Personal cooking instructor, personal chef, caterer, and Portland Pickle blogger Louisa Neumann throws her meringue hat in the competitive baking ring with bloggers and writers like Michael Ruhlman--whose chocolate chip cookie bowl sundae is like 30 Rock's Season Four-opening cheesy blasters, only better because with sugar and the ghost of Thomas Keller--and the couple behind Bellingham's Whole Life Nutrition--whose Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cheesecake (Vegan) is about as Pacific Northwest as it gets--to participate in Bon Appetit's virtual holiday bake-off. The food porn gallery is generally atrocious but Neumann's a bona-fide doll with some good-looking... meringues. [Bon Appetit via The Portland Pickle]