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Kir Jensen: "Bake in a Freakin' Cart = Crazy!"

Image courtesy Under the Table With Jen

After a grand Mississippi Marketplace reopening of The Sugar Cube, Kir Jensen's dessert truck that made famous first her Amy Winehouse cupcake and later her coffee caramel panna cotta and apple brown butter tart, the word is she's had to close for the winter. Why? Let's hear it from Ms. Jensen, who sent news (you can too!) over the transom:

The winter has proved to be very interesting for baking...meaning it doesn't work that well. I can't soften my butter w/out parking it infront of the space heater or my chocolate sets too fast. I've had to reevaluate how things are done in this little space and I like the idea of being a spring,summer and late fall affair. I can use my winter months for preparing for the next round of craziness or work on special orders. I have to guesstimate what I think I will sell in the day and bake accordingly and when it's cold and rainy I am loosing a lot of product. It's all learning for me and kinda interesting to watch the ebb and flow of the different seasons. Will it be a problem if I don't open until March?
All I can say is that I'm planning out my spring/summer menu and I'm psyched about it! I hope people will understand. My circumstances are a bit different...probably why there's not a lot of dessert carts in town :)
Or, to put it more plainly:
I want people to understand that my specialty cart operates a little differently because I BAKE IN A FREAKIN' CART=CRAZY!
Here's hoping PDX weather chills out as in thaws out as in warms up a little bit. Because there's no way in hell that Winehouse is gonna bump itself.
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