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American Flatbread: "Our Timeline is Becoming More Clear."

Just in, the final word from incoming downtown pizzeria, American Flatbread, on the maybe/maybe-not delays/not-delays holding up/or-not the opening of the Sera-designed General Automotive Building outpost of this Vermont-based chain. Since yesterday's two-part speculation, owner Matt Wilson wrote in to re-clarify:

Our delay in construction had nothing to do with our financing and everything to do with our plans review process at the city taking months longer than we expected it to; we actually just got approved to commence our build-out at the end of last week. We were able to build our oven last month under a separate mechanical permit (before our overall building permit was approved), and that may be the source for your tipster's confusion about the delay in our progress.

Now that we are approved, our timeline is becoming more clear. For our final design and build-out we are working with Orange, the design/build team that built the Hawthorne Porque No location and more recently the Laurelhurst Market. Our official construction start date has been a moving target, but we can now safely say we will start in the next week or two. If all goes well with the build-out, we should be opening in late spring/early summer.

Hmmmm. Something's sounding familiar. Delay in city review process? Months longer than expected? Where have we heard that one before? (Cough. Violetta.) Still. What this means is that we're officially moving this one out of Magical Mysteries and into Plywood. Got snaps? Send 'em.
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411 NW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97209