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New Chefs Hit Fenouil; Lucier to Rise From the Ashes

Image courtesy Gourmet (RIP)

Michael C. Zusman, writing in the Oregonian, reports on two big shakeups happening over at Dussin Group, owners of two of Portland's fancy-pants-est restaurants, the still-live Fenouil and the short-lived $4 million Lucier. Kristen D. Murray's four-day-old stint as new pastry chef is old news by now, but what's new news will be the February 15th arrival of Jake Martin, currently at Carlyle, as executive chef, replacing the recently-departed Pascal Chureau. It's thrilling, but becomes a little semi-whatevs in the face of the other piece of news. Which is that, yes, Lucier is returning. Bigger, badder, better than ever? Not exactly. Word is Dussin (perhaps having learned from his mistakes?) will, instead, be making the place "little less high-end and a little more approachable," which can only mean something like fewer gold flakes covering the waitresses and smaller rubies on the foie gras. Putting down the tiara, picking up the Converse. And standing by, as always, for Plywood. Crystals, as ever, encouraged.
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