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Willamette Week Falls Like Stone For Northwest Sweets

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Image courtesy Under the Table With Jen

Just a few short days over a calendar month after opening, Steve Gazda's northwest (duh) Portland Northwest Sweets is getting some love. The Willamette Week's Joanna Miller describes this little retro-nostalgic-handmade shop as delivering "a haute shot of Nob Hill panache with a variety of artisan goodies." Some of the magic's in the Clove and Blackjack gum, but most of it's in Gazda's own confections. Dude's got pizzazz . Drunken tortoises. Buddha's delight caramels. Cashew curry brittles (which Miller doesn't love but other operatives have). Mug-sized marshmallows. Non-shark-jumping (good call, Jo.Mil) bacon buttercrunch toffee. It's surprising for a candy store to get the Willamette Week's full-on weekly review space, but not so surprising given word is also that Portland Monthly's been casing the joint. It's only a matter of time, then, before Official Mascot Patrick Alan Coleman hits up the masala spice truffle, and goes to town. Hope springs eternal, after all. As does Gazda's chocolate fountain.
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740 NW 23rd Ave, Portland OR 97210

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