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Fishy Business

The Oregonian's Karen Brooks aka Scoopy McScooperson (at least usually, if not especially here), reports on a new seafood report,, making waves (har) with a widely cast net (yes, again) covering America's fish-heavy restaurants. Mad points for southeast 28th favorite Bamboo Sushi, which is rated "most sustainable of 50 restaurants reviewed across the country so far." Bamboo currently runs their own albacore boat and, word is (see above, re: Scoopyness), owner Kristofor Lofgren is looking into getting a salmon boat, this spring. Catch as catch can, if you can. [The Oregonian]

Bamboo Sushi

836 Northwest 23rd Avenue, , OR 97210 (971) 229-1925 Visit Website

310 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214