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Grill With Bobby Flay!

OMG you guys. Bobby Flay, the chef with the cooking and the griller and the grill thing? He's doing a show? With grilling? And, you can be on it! Here's the word from the Grill It! [TM] casting director:

Would love to get some Portland grillers on the show! Basically, we’re looking for people who are Bobby Flay fans who would love to be on-set with him grilling a recipe they’re known for. The recipe needs to be creative and original –AKA not something that can be found in a cookbook or on the menu at Chili’s - like jalapeno poppers! We’re on the 3rd season so we really want cool takes on burgers, grilled pizzas, seafood, whole fish, plus new ways to make sandwiches or homemade rubs, bbq sauces, etc. Ethnic foods are great too!

To try out for the show interested candidates should email their info and photo to us at – we’ll send them an application. Once they send back the application, which includes the info on the dish they want to grill with Bobby, we’ll give them call and talk about the food (we want to avoid recipes from previous seasons) and give them tips on shooting a 2-3 minute casting video, which they need to upload on the Food Network site:
Get all that? Now. Calling Adam Sappington, Tommy Habetz, Gabe Rucker, Gregory Gourdet, and John Gorham. At least.

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