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The Year's Best Dining Neighborhood

As is the tradition at Eater, it's time for the annual Year in Eater survey. For the Portland version, which we're finishing up nice and slow just like the city itself, we asked a group of notable chefs, cooks, and people we know a bunch of questions. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut, pasted and unedited herein. Last week, we looked at the year, Described In One Word. Now, we're going to find the Best Dining Neighborhood.

Tommy Habetz, Bunk Sandwiches: Southeast, especially East Burnside and south...

Kimberly & Vitaley Paley, Paley's Place: Lower East Burnside

Andrea Slonecker: Central Eastside--Restaurants, Distilleries, Sandwich Shops, Bars, Breweries, Food Carts, Chocolatiers--it's all there.

Bruce Carey, Bluehour, 23Hoyt, Saucebox: I am too (west-side) biased to say...

Chris Israel, Gruner: Southeast

Jamie Dunn, Gilt Club: Clinton St. (Dot's, Broders, Savoy and noho's)

Andy Ricker , Pok Pok, Ping: SE PORTLAND, BUT I AM BIASED

Roger Porter, The Oregonian: The carts on SW Alder

Louisa Neumann: Do I have to choose?

Mike Thelin: The downtown food carts.

Bette Sinclair: NW -- (I mean, think about it. What a vast variety of old and new, dog-eared to darling, bistros to bars, ethnic spots to swank fine dining. JoBar, 23Hoyt, Paley’s and Caryle, to Beesaws , Serrato, Mingo, to mid-Pearl at Bluehour, Ten 01, Everett Street and Daily Café, to Park Kitchen and Gilt Club, down to Good Taste and Ping.)

Andrew Fortgang, Le Pigeon: Central Eastside (I am biased)