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Greek Cusina Closes, Octopus Available

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After thirty-six years of operation and two years of fighting between owner Ted Papas and City Commissioner Randy Leonard , downtown restaurant Greek Cusina has closed. WTF!!! According to KATU, Papas says he's being unfairly targeted; Leonard says "the building was one of the most dangerous gathering places in the city." A 2008 fire inspection led to "dozens of violations," which in turn led to a "city-ordered 24-hour fire watch." Word is that fifty employees will now lose their jobs as Papas is also closing the Tualatin location, but also that Papas is in no way giving up the fight.

The real question on everyone's minds, of course, is about just what will happen with that gigantic purple octopus, that symbol of welcome, motif of arrival, emblem of Portland. The good news is, for anyone who's wanted a little something extra for their Irvington front yard, eBay will hold the answer. The bad news is, everyone should just stop trying to live here. Because it isn't a move to PDX if it doesn't include Papas.
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