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Naomi Pomeroy Hiring at Beast

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Just a month and a bit after becoming sole owner of NE Killingsworth prix-fixe stronghold Beast, is Naomi Pomeroy looking to ramp up the operation? Word, arrived over the transom, is that she's looking for another cook.

Beast is Hiring in the kitchen. First time almost two years. Tell your friends. No, Mika is not leaving. Contact me if you know any serious peeps. Thanks!!
Whiz with the duck? Grandmaster with the foie gras? Wanna share a big-ass prep table with those two? Don't bike, knock, or call. But do apply here.

UPDATE: Naomi writes in: "I am not exactly ramping up. We've had a prep cook and phone person for almost the last two years, and she is off to see the world.. Just replacing."
·Naomi Pomeroy Sole Owner of Beast [Eater PDX]


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