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Sel Gris' Uncertain Fate

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The last word (read: tweet) from October-shuttered Southeast Hawthorne French restaurant Sel Gris, run by Daniel Mondok currently of clusterfuck-of-happiness Foster Burger, was that they would, like a phoenix, "rise from the ashes!!!!!!! [sic]" Two and a half months later and speculation--via Mondok himself--hit the Oregonian in the form of veiled possibilities like Sel Gris' never reopenening, or at least not in its original location, or at least not as what it is, or something. Operatives stopped by yesterday and found the above notice taped to the door, implying something like a March 1 reopen. Anyone got the skinny, the scoop, the fleur de sel? Sprinkle it.
· Fire-damaged Sel Gris Doubtful to Reopen on Southeast Hawthorne [Oregonian]
· Sel Gris [EaterPDX]

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