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"Dining Guide For Non-Foodies" Debuting in Friday's Oregonian

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In quick media round-up news: Next Wednesday (October 20), Willamette Week will come out with its annual Restaurant Guide. Around the end of the month, Karen Brooks will come out with her first Restaurant Guide for Portland Monthly. So how might The Oregonian react to the publication of all that meaty mastication? By coming out with a "dining guide for non-foodies": At least, that's what they're touting on the cover of their delivered-to-your-home-whether-you-like-it-or-not This Week magazine as a preview to Friday's A&E section (note: O's dining coverage usually hits the web on Wednesday).

Who knows what to expect from a non-foodie guide: A round-up of fast food french fries? Perhaps a in-depth report on the shopping habits of late-night Fred Meyer deli shoppers? Or could it be "Cloth napkins: Who needs 'em?"

Inquiring minds are dying to find out if the new direction of The Oregonian's dining coverage, precipitated by the release of both Brooks and Roger Porter, is indeed moving away from dining. We'll keep you posted.
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