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ChefStable Launches New Spot; More O Fallout

SOUTHEAST: So in real food news, Portland Monthly's Anna Sachse reports today that the powers-that-be at ChefStable (who pioneered the recent openings of Ping, Foster Burger, and Gruner) are working with chef Aaron Barnett on a new project on SE 21st. Barnett, the former head chef at Olea and 23 Hoyt, will launch his as-yet-unnamed French-country spot within two months.

THE INTERNETS: Is it the weekend yet? Other big food names around town weigh in on the Oregonian's Foodies-Kill-Kittens article, including FoodDude, who shares a hilarious anecdote from his one visit to Sayler's: "Tasted one dish and found an excuse to leave. Sat in the car and read a book until everyone else came out."

Image of Aaron Barnett courtesy Facebook