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Presented by Comments: The O's "Non-Foodies Food Guide"

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As promised, the Oregonian's "Non-Foodies Food Guide" hit stands early this morning, and holy shit it's exploded the internet.

In order to avoid the hate-to-say-we-told-you-so song-and-dance (and/or add to the rancor that selections like Old Spaghetti Factory, Denny's-ripoff Shari's, and Taco Time have already garnered. Though we have a few choice words in mind), we'll let the O commenters — and buzz from the Twitterverse — do our work for us. For now.

From the boards at
· "My first impression of it was how like when you don't pay attention to your dog so it gets in the trash and poops on the rug."

From the OregonLive comments:

· "Wow. This is embarrassing. Talk about a naked ploy to attract more advertising. Why don't you go full bore and profile all the interesting things available at McDonalds? This is one of the more laughable, deplorable, inane things the Oregonian has ever done. I'm embarrassed for YOU. What a joke."

From the Twitterverse:

@CookingAsshole: "Internet upset about Oregonian's new crappy food guide. Most surprising? People still read the Oregonian."
@ConOat: "it is good to see the O making their food coverage exactly like their news coverage.....artificial and disgusting."
@PDXrox "Oregonian = #forkuptheirass"

Feel free to send your snarky comments to Eater's attention: Because it's what we rich, elitist, anti-Americans do best!
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