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Pinot American Brasserie Launches Huge Menu Makeover

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Since the ouster of executive chef Bill King from downtown's shiny new Pinot American Brasserie last week, the powers-that-be have promised a revamped menu under the guidance of new chef Paul Arnold... and talk about a makeover.

A tipster has sent in the new list (click on the pic for a more readable version), and it's majorly pared down from the days of 14 appetizers, seafood bars, and "cafe meals" (not to mention heavy entrees like Center Cut Ribeye Delmonico Steak with Red Chili Bearnaise, Twice Baked Potato, Spinach Stuffed Tomato, Onion Rings). New to the show: skate wing, BBQ kurobuta short ribs, and stuffed rainbow chard. Noticably absent: The diner-like design and bizarre pricing.
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Pinot American Brasserie

1205 SW Washington Avenue, Portland, OR