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The Meilleurs Ouvriers de France is the ultimate (non-reality-program) chef's competition for pastry chefs, and every four years — just like the Olympics! — 16 of France's best chefs duke it out over the course of the three-day competition, whipping up more than 40 recipes in the process. The new documentary Kings of Pastry is coming soon to the NW Film Center, and Eater's giving away two pairs of tickets, to be used at the screening of your choice, courtesy St. Honore Boulangerie's Dominique Geulin — who happens to be the recipient of an MOH award in bread. To enter, just shoot us an email with the reason(s) why you want to go. We'll choose two entries (totally at random) and let y'all know on Monday.

St. Honoré Boulangerie

2335 NW Thurman Street, Portland, OR 97210 503 445 4342 Visit Website