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So How Much Weight Did John Gorham Lose Anyway?

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Tasty N Sons was the star of not one, but two recent publications: Willamette Week named it "Restaurant of The Year" and Portland Monthly included it in its "Best Restaurant" Issue, even going as far as to put one of its dishes on the cover.

While both tout many of the same TNS virtues in their reviews (like the Middle Eastern shakshuka), there is one weighty matter that these articles vary greatly on: And that's exactly how much poundage TNS chef/owner John Gorham has lost in the last year. WW's Kelly Clarke has the distance runner down 130 pounds. PoMo's Karen Brooks only has him down a 100. So, who nailed it? Eater went straight to the source and asked the winner — who was a big loser — who got it right. And well, according to Gorham, it looks like both are on target. "When I decided to lose weight I was 310 (pounds) and I got down to 175," says the svelte chef. "But for the last year I've kept my weight at 210."
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