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Eating in Costume: Your Halloween To-Do List

We here at Eater believe that not embracing and celebrating the hell out of Halloween is incredibly elitist and un-American.* So to combine everyone's favorite free-candy holiday with some foodie faves, we've whipped up this handy cheat sheet on where to best get fat and drunk while dressed up as a used-car salesman, Man Men character, or Communist panda.

* We're also pretty sure that there's no costume scarier than an Oregonian food guide.

OCTOBER 30, 10pm: Chef Greg Gourdet and Veuve Clicquot throw a "Yelloween" party atop the Nines Hotel at Departure restaurant, featuring Champagne and cocktail specials (in addition to a costume contest at midnight, if that's your thing).

OCTOBER 30 & 31: All weekend, the EuroTrash food cart at the Good Food Here pod is offering $1 off any menu item for "costumed hooligans." You heard 'em — show up in costume, destroy something, get your dollar off.

OCTOBER 31: All night on Halloween, Bamboo Sushi will shake up a signature cocktail on the house for all those in costume. A seafood-themed costume gets not only a free drink, but also 15% off your food tab (Suggestion: Tie a pillow to each side of yourself and go as a scallop).

OCTOBER 31, 4pm: In what's being dubbed as a "family-friendly" (boo) event, the A La Carts pod throws a Halloween party from 4pm to 9pm, featuring projected (kids) Halloween movies, food specials, games, and prizes.

OCTOBER 31, 5pm: Partake in some old-school trick-or-treating at Pix Patisserie: After 5pm, the spot will hand out free chocolate treats to all guests in costume.

OCTOBER 31, 8pm: The first annual Night of the Living Ales pub crawl hits some of the city's best beer spots, including Migration Brewing, Spints Alehouse, and Coalition Brewing (which will tap a special Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout for the occasion). A different costume contest kicks off on each stop of the crawl, and expect some beer and happy hour specials. This one's going to be huge.

Image of Coalition Brewing courtesy Facebook