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Openings for Lucky Spoon, T-Rex; Brunch for Ned Ludd

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DOWNTOWN: One of Portland's many, many new fro-yo places, Lucky Spoon, has soft-opened downtown. A grand opening party — with 50% off all yogurts and toppings — is scheduled for November 6. And yes, they serve YoCream.

N MISSISSIPPI: Kevin Sandri's Garden State cart 2.0, now affectionately known as T-Rex, also soft-opens today. Among the menu items: Grilled fresh anchovy with caponata and lemon aioli, Spanish torilla with harissa cream, and a sausage, roasted tomato and fennel kraut on gluten-free flatbread.

NORTHEAST: With the recent departure of co-owner Ben Meyer, Ned Ludd's Jason French is making some changes to the menu: The first of which, a weekend brunch service, will debut November 6.

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Ned Ludd

3925 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, , OR 97212 (503) 288-6900 Visit Website