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Patrick Alan Coleman's Classy Final Column; Also: His Butt!

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Sigh. We're really going to miss you, dude. Today marked Patrick Alan Coleman's final day at the Portland Mercury, and his classy final installment of Last Supper read like a big love letter to Portland's food scene, with a call to support local food organizations, like the Oregon Food Bank: "As I leave this enviable position I'll only ask that you take time to remember those less fortunate who may not be able to enjoy the bounty of our area with the same verve as you." Notably absent: Word on where he's headed next.

For those who feel so inclined, a farewell party's scheduled for tonight at 5pm at Club 21. Also: Here's a link to PAC's final Blogtown post, complete with a photo of side-butt. Thanks dude — it's been real.
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