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Oregon Bounty Wanderfeasts Encourage "Epi-tourian" Excursions

If you're one of those folk interested in the farm-to-table movement but too lazy to haul your ass out to a chef-recommended farm (ahem — guilty as charged), Travel Oregon's Wanderfeast program encourages visitors to experience the state's fresh, seasonal ethos by taking a (virtual) hike with some of the state's best chefs. (Past virtual tours this season included a fishing trip with the Heathman's Philippe Boulot and a brewery tour with Hair of the Dog's Alan Sprints.) Upcoming tours include "meat week" with Olympic Provisions' Eli Cairo; a trip to a hazelnut farm with Two Tarts Bakery's Elizabeth Beekly; and mushroom foraging with Noble Rot's Leather Storrs. Think of it as a back-to-nature experience — without all that pesky fresh air.
· Oregon Bounty WanderFeasts [Official site]