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Got $20K? Downtown's Hillbilly Bento Up for Sale

Hillbilly Bento, downtown's popular Southern boxed-lunch spot (it's gotten raves for its "authenticness" since opening a little over a year ago) is now on the market. "I'm trying to find somebody to do it with the passion that I've done it with," says "Hillbilly in Charge" Jay Irvin, citing his "partner-in-crime" (and daughter)'s departure from daily business operations as one of the reasons for the sale.

A few interested buyers are already coming out of the woodwork: Irvin hints that a local charter school has expressed interest in taking over the concept/space to use as an educational job-training site (no worries, said school will still serve up plates of BBQ ribs, Pepsi chicken, and fried okra). And Irvin, for the record, ain't goin' anywhere. "I'm staying in Portland," he says. "I'm going to be around."
· Hillbilly Bento [Official site]

Hillbilly Bento

211 SW 6th Ave., Portland, OR

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