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Salvador Molly's "Feast of Fire" Includes World Record-Breaking Attempt

Attention those who have a sorta-masochistic relationship with food (or for gawkers who enjoy watching grown men cry): The heat-seeking circus known as Salvador Molly's Feast of Fire kicks off tonight at 6:30pm, with a Guinness World Record-breaking attempt during which SM's "Fiery Fool" (aka Portlander Brook Riddick) will attempt to extinguish 34 torches in 30 seconds — in his mouth.

Immediately following, an invite-only tasting menu challenges borderline-insane people to scarf down five courses of five-alarm spicy food, including a doughnut dessert containing the world's hottest chili. (Eaters had to have passed Salvador Molly's famous "Great Balls of Fire" challenge, which brought Man Vs. Food-er Adam Richman into town once upon a time.) The table's set with eating participants, but consider the festive atmosphere dinner and a show.
· Salvador Molly's [Official site]

Image of Adam Richman at Salvador Molly's courtesy Facebook

Salvador Molly's

1523 SW Sunset Blvd., Portland, OR

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