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Vitaly Paley & Iron Chef; St. Jack's Menu; Lincoln's Sunday Dinner

THE RUMOR MILL: It's been floating around town for some time, but a couple published reports confirm that Vitaly Paley (of Paley's Place) has taped an episode of Iron Chef America, with former employee (and current Beaker & Flask chef) Ben Bettinger acting as his sous chef.

SOUTHEAST: Hot off of yesterday's pastry chef news, St. Jack chef Aaron Barnett gives Eater a quick rundown of what to expect on the menu: "We will have things ranging from oreilles des crisses, cervelle de canut, escargots, salads, soups, rotating charcuterie selections, a great cheese selection, tartines, coq au biere, steak frites with bearnaise, game meats, offal meats and of course... a burger we're calling "le Hamburger." Phew.

N. WILLIAMS: Jenn Louis and Lincoln continue their quest for world dominance: In addition to the upcoming opening of Sunshine Tavern, it looks like Lincoln is expanding its hours to include a Sunday dinner.

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