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Fin Looks to Shake "High-End" Image with Menu Revamp

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Four-month-old seafood restaurant Fin may be accumulating its share of raves (howyoudoin, Eater Awards' "So Hot Right Now" winner), but chef Trent Pierce is trying to shake the spot's foodie reputation: "We're trying to get away from the Sel Gris-esque fine dining mentality," Pierce says. "We're not trying to reinvent the menu, we're just trying to make it more accessible for a broader range of people."

Broader range equates to meat and vegetarian options ("We're going to put a steak on and a couple venison dishes this week"), and the formerly raw-small plates-main menu format will give way to a "cold/raw" side (featuring experiments with pressed-box sushi), a noodle/dumpling section, and most notably, a "sides" menu to encourage veggie eating. "We're getting great reviews, but we want [the restaurant] to be a more fun, boisterous place," Pierce says. "Make it a little more fun, casual... gastropub kind of style." The new menu takes effect tomorrow.
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1852 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR

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