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Perierra Crêperie's Speakeasy Opens Under the Radar

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Photography by Allison Jones

Dustin Knox has a (poorly-kept) secret. The owner of Cartopia's popular Perierra Crêperie is unveiling not one, but three separate spots in the SW Ankeny building next door to Dan & Louis' Oyster Bar. Not only is another PC crepe window now open to the public, a brunch spot (called Periodic) is scheduled to bow before Thanksgiving... and then there's the totally legal speakeasy-style bar, called Central, hanging out in the back room.

"When you come to PC, there's a sign and for Periodic; there won't be a sign for Central. If you don't know the name of the bar, you can't get in," Knox says. "[But] it's not a secret password. We're not trying to be the classic speakeasy at all. I'm not trying to do that, nor am I trying to have a private club. I'm just trying to make it so it's a little harder to find... It's all in good fun."
The Creperie/Central menu features sweet and savory crepes (including one with baked eggs, soppressata, and Sriracha), while a throwback drink menu includes cocktails like absinthe and root beer.
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Central, Los Olivos, B.C.