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Mercury Names Tony Perez Its New Restaurant Critic

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Two months after Portland's last living food critic Patrick Alan Coleman decamped for the cushier (home) offices of Thrillist, the Portland Mercury has named his replacement: Tony Perez, a Tin House Books editor and sometime-Merc book reviewer, will take over the "Last Supper" column. In his inaugural Blogtown post, Perez describes a recent jaunt to Iceland, where he consumed a whale sandwich with lobster mayo: "My whale was — perhaps unsurprisingly — rubbery and tasted like a week-old steak that had been stored in fish guts." Spoiler alert for the squeamish: Extra bonus points for the uber-disturbing image of dead whales!

And confidential to Tony Perez: Don't believe what you hear from Coleman — we're actually really nice. Welcome to the fray. xo
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