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Chitlin Feeds, Gumbo Cook-Offs, and WTF is a Kopstootje?

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Yeah, yeah, it's still before noon. But in today's Is-It-The-Weekend-Yet? EaterWire, stuff to do over the next two days that involves stuffing your face:

KENTON: N. Denver Ave's Po’Shines Cafe De La Soul celebrates its third anniversary with a Crawfish & Chitlins Feed and Fundraiser (the latter, for the uninitiated, is pig intestine, and it's really not as bad as you think). Proceeds from the two-day event (going on today and tomorrow until 10pm) benefit programs run by the Celebration Tabernacle church.

N. WILLIAMS: EaT: An Oyster Bar holds its annual Cajun gumbo cook-off on Saturday from noon to 4pm. Proceeds from the event benefit the Pacific Coast Shellfish Grower's Association.

ALBERTA & BELMONT: Celebrate the extra hour of drinking graciously provided by Daylight Savings Time: Bols Genever is sponsoring two hour-long parties at Alberta's Branch Whiskey Bar and Belmont's Circa 33: From 11pm to midnight on Saturday, the spots will pour discounted Kopstootje, the Dutch people's festive, head-butting shot of choice.

Image of Po' Shines Cafe De La Soul courtesy Joshua C. via Yelp

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