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Downtown's Holiday Ale Festival Fetes All This Week

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What better place to raise a pint this season than under the Christmas tree that almost exploded? (Too soon?) Portland's annual Holiday Ale Fest kicks off its five-day-long stint at downtown's Pioneer Courthouse Square today, with more than 50 winter ales (expect lots of porters and strong ales) on tap from local breweries. After gates open this afternoon at 2pm, the party continues starting at 11am each day through Sunday, December 5.

And though 50+ heavy beers will probs be enough to satiate the thirstiest of drunks, specialty pours abound. Kegs of limited-release rare beers — like Hair of the Dog's commemorative Strong Blend (ABV 10.0%), Cascade Brewing's barrel-aged "Sang Noir", (ABV 9.0%) — will be tapped at 2pm daily (and last until supplies run out); meanwhile, a Sunday morning "Beer & Brunch" event features four special Belgian-style pours not available during the regular event. With breakfast!
· Holiday Ale Fest [Official site]

Image of 2009 Holiday Ale Fest courtesy Facebook

Hair of the Dog Brewery & Tasting Room

61 SE Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97214 503 232 6585

701 SW Sixth Ave., Portland, OR