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Girasole Pizza Co. Going from Mobile to Brick-and-Mortar

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The mobile wood-fired oven of Girasole Pizza Company — pumpkin-pickers will recognize them as the folks usually parked at Kruger Farm — is putting down permanent roots in the St. Johns space that most recently housed the Ladybug Cafe. Girasole's Wood Fire Cafe will feature a menu of pizzas and pastas, with a focus on family-friendly atmosphere. From the website: "Ultimately we plan on creating a restaurant with tasty decently priced food, with cozy nooks to hangout in, and games at every table."

Oh, and booze: "We are also excited to bring our favorite local brewery, Captured By Porches beer to St. Johns. They are planning on making us a special house brew and rotating out one of their favorites monthly." Projected opening date: January 1.
· Girasole Pizza Company [Official site]

Wood Fire Cafe

8348 N. Lombard, Portland, OR